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Update! July 30, 2008

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I have been away quite a while from the blog, but I have completed quite a few wedding tasks!

  • I booked a DJ and I will later blog about ALL the songs I do and I don’t want played. FYI..I’m anti- organized dances
  • I met with three florists (exhausting!) and decided on one-ofcourse the most expensive-but she is soo creative and we are gonna come up with some ways to save money. Later, I’ll blog about the creative ideas!
  • I met with a caterer and he is gonna get a quote to me on all of my desserts for the reception. My bridesmaid that I took with me is on Weight Watchers (as am I) and it was torture to talk about desserts for an hour!
  • I met with my wedding planner and she set me up with a baker, linen rental place, and stationers to meet with on my next visit home.

Shooters! July 21, 2008

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I’m having ALL desserts at the wedding. I definitely want these delicious looking treats served at the reception!

Picture from… Here


Have your cake and eat it too! July 14, 2008

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There’s not too much about me or the wedding I’m planning that’s traditional. The overall theme I’m going for with the wedding is modern, fun, and funky but I still want a few traditional items thrown in. One tradition I would like to keep is having a white cake.

Here are a few of my favorites…

    *From Martha Stewart

      *From The Knot

        *From Magpies


        Sweet Treats July 10, 2008

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        Looking through budget websites I found that one option for saving on food at the reception is to have a dessert reception. Dessert reception? Yeah, definetly hadn’t heard of that before. Ofcourse, images start filling my head of decadent chocolates, ice cream, and any other treats you could possibly imagine.

        My fiance and I are definetly sweets people. He can eat a sheet cake in one sitting and I could pretty much slaughter a tub of ice cream in 30 minutes. So I was psyched that we could save money AND have all of our favorite sweets. Well, in my research I discovered that I could have the latter of those two, but saving money, probably not going to happen.

          I may have gone a tad overboard…below is SOME of my inspiration.

            *Image source

              *Image source

                *Image source

                  *Image source

                    *Image source