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Blurb! July 12, 2008

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AWESOME! I am so freakin’ excited right now. There are tons of sites out there where ya’ll (or your photographer) can create a wedding album with a hefty price tag attached. However, is a great place to download (for free) a program to create your own wedding or engagement album. If you’re feeling extra spicy, you can put your boudoir pictures in it for a wedding present for your man.

    The albums come in square, standard landscape, standard portrait, and an extra large landscape. The cheapest one is a square, soft cover album with up to 40 pages that starts at $12.95! You can put up to 12 images a page, so hypothetically you could have a book with over 450 of your images in it.

      Check out some covers of samples from the page…

          *All images are from blurb ofcourse!


          Okay…Here We Go July 7, 2008

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          The very first thing I had to take care of when I got engaged was hiring a photographer. I spent hours and hours searching through websites and reviews. These are a few of the many requirements that I was looking for..

          • Artsy, photojournalist who would capture the day’s events
          • Fun, creative photographer who my fiance and I would feel comfortable with
          • Engagement Session
          • Trash the Dress Session
          • Enough time alloted on the day of to prevent me from feeling pressured or rushed
          • Rehearsal Coverage
          • All the proofs from the day
          • Album included in package, or credit for the album
          • Something for the parents-albums, print credit, etc.
          • Option of buying a print release for all of the images
          • A second shooter
          • Photographer with a personality to take charge and get things done
          • DVD of the images

          Not only did I get to put a check next to every single item, but I got so much more. My photographer, Tara Kneiser with Dixie Pixel Photography, also offered a package with a custom guest book and unlimited custom thank you cards. She also uses, in addition to digital, a cool camera called Holga. It’s this cheap plastic camera that has multiple defects that creates really cool effects in the picture.

















          Ofcourse, all credit for the pictures goes to Tara. Check out her blog—>link on the right!