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Monograms August 6, 2008

Monograms are a growing trend in wedding themes. I definetly wanted to incorporate them somehow but didn’t want to make the letter “M” my trend. After many attempts at PhotoShop, I opted to pay $15 for three monograms from Creative Montage. They did a great job–check my monograms out.


I plan to use the monograms on…

  • Out of Town Bags for guests traveling to our wedding
  • Programs (DIY)
  • Favor Bags
  • Invitation
  • Rehearsal Dinner Invites
  • Other Random Places

Update! July 30, 2008

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I have been away quite a while from the blog, but I have completed quite a few wedding tasks!

  • I booked a DJ and I will later blog about ALL the songs I do and I don’t want played. FYI..I’m anti- organized dances
  • I met with three florists (exhausting!) and decided on one-ofcourse the most expensive-but she is soo creative and we are gonna come up with some ways to save money. Later, I’ll blog about the creative ideas!
  • I met with a caterer and he is gonna get a quote to me on all of my desserts for the reception. My bridesmaid that I took with me is on Weight Watchers (as am I) and it was torture to talk about desserts for an hour!
  • I met with my wedding planner and she set me up with a baker, linen rental place, and stationers to meet with on my next visit home.

The Venue July 15, 2008

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My fiance and I wanted an outdoor wedding (even though I am scared to death that it will rain!). We looked at places all over East Tennessee and finally decided on Ridge Valley Farms. It’s a gorgeous location that we can have the ceremony and reception at. Here are some pictures I took on our first visit.

    View from the gazebo and where the reception will be

    The gazebo at the base of the hill and where the ceremony will be


    Blurb! July 12, 2008

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    AWESOME! I am so freakin’ excited right now. There are tons of sites out there where ya’ll (or your photographer) can create a wedding album with a hefty price tag attached. However, is a great place to download (for free) a program to create your own wedding or engagement album. If you’re feeling extra spicy, you can put your boudoir pictures in it for a wedding present for your man.

      The albums come in square, standard landscape, standard portrait, and an extra large landscape. The cheapest one is a square, soft cover album with up to 40 pages that starts at $12.95! You can put up to 12 images a page, so hypothetically you could have a book with over 450 of your images in it.

        Check out some covers of samples from the page…

            *All images are from blurb ofcourse!


            Floral Frenzy

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            When I tell people that I want red flowers with aqua dresses they think I’m crazy. Some think the color combo is horrendous and others think that red is blan and boring. Well, I generally don’t care who likes my color combo but I can see where red is overused and can seem somewhat generic. I want something bright and vibrant like this bouquet:

                Red roses are classic but not what I would consider exciting and unique-the color is incredible though!

                I want something with more texture, loose, and with a variety of flowers-a little funky maybe.

                  So pretty…and so not the right color. I don’t know anything about flowers so I don’t know if all these can come in vibrant red. This bouquet is a great combo of peonies, roses, lilies, fern, and ranunculus. So, the search continues…

                    Yay! I love this one, not so sure about the white though. This bouquet consists of peonies, poppies, ranunculus, and parrot tulips.

                      Hopefully, these pics are enough to show my potential florists when I meet with them in a couple of weeks.

                        1st picture
                        2nd picture source:
                        3rd picture source:


                        Arippke July 9, 2008

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                        Searching on for some custom invites, I found Arippke. Her invitations are great and reasonably priced! It’s odd, I was searching through some of my favorite blogs before I went to write this post and found that the great etsy blog was highlighting this vendor also! Here are a few of my favorite invitations that are in the running to be my invitation. Tell me which one is your favorite!

                        1. Wedding Invitation #13 $270 for 100 Invites and Response Cards

                        I love this design and funky feeling. It definetly fits with the theme of my wedding. Ofcourse, I would customize it to my wedding colors.

                          2. Wedding Invitation #17 $260 for 100 Invites and Response Cards

                          Great Design! It’s more classic than the first one but still has that extra umph.

                          3. Wedding Invitation #20 $275 for 100 Invites and Response Cards

                          LOVE this one, but I’m thinking it’s a little more appropriate for a STD. What do you think?

                            Go check out Arippke’s site!


                            Okay…Here We Go July 7, 2008

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                            The very first thing I had to take care of when I got engaged was hiring a photographer. I spent hours and hours searching through websites and reviews. These are a few of the many requirements that I was looking for..

                            • Artsy, photojournalist who would capture the day’s events
                            • Fun, creative photographer who my fiance and I would feel comfortable with
                            • Engagement Session
                            • Trash the Dress Session
                            • Enough time alloted on the day of to prevent me from feeling pressured or rushed
                            • Rehearsal Coverage
                            • All the proofs from the day
                            • Album included in package, or credit for the album
                            • Something for the parents-albums, print credit, etc.
                            • Option of buying a print release for all of the images
                            • A second shooter
                            • Photographer with a personality to take charge and get things done
                            • DVD of the images

                            Not only did I get to put a check next to every single item, but I got so much more. My photographer, Tara Kneiser with Dixie Pixel Photography, also offered a package with a custom guest book and unlimited custom thank you cards. She also uses, in addition to digital, a cool camera called Holga. It’s this cheap plastic camera that has multiple defects that creates really cool effects in the picture.

















                            Ofcourse, all credit for the pictures goes to Tara. Check out her blog—>link on the right!