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Blurb! July 12, 2008

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AWESOME! I am so freakin’ excited right now. There are tons of sites out there where ya’ll (or your photographer) can create a wedding album with a hefty price tag attached. However, is a great place to download (for free) a program to create your own wedding or engagement album. If you’re feeling extra spicy, you can put your boudoir pictures in it for a wedding present for your man.

    The albums come in square, standard landscape, standard portrait, and an extra large landscape. The cheapest one is a square, soft cover album with up to 40 pages that starts at $12.95! You can put up to 12 images a page, so hypothetically you could have a book with over 450 of your images in it.

      Check out some covers of samples from the page…

          *All images are from blurb ofcourse!


          When Nature Calls July 8, 2008

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          This next topic is not personally related to my wedding at all, but was suggested to me by a fellow Knottie. It’s something I have not given much thought to, but it truly is something to consider-and get a few laughs from! Going to the bathroom in your wedding dress-how does it work?

 gives brides out there a few tips on bathroom how to’s in a wedding gown. Some of my favs are listed below.
          1. Don’t drink too many liquids on the big day (not to the point of dehydration!)
          2. Take an attendent, family member, or friend to help lift your dress.
          3. Use the handicapped stall.

          Here is a great picture I found

          If in doubt-you can always wear a dress made from toilet paper-yes I said it, toilet paper!

          *Toilet paper gown image found on